Ephraim Shore

I'd love to share Israel with you!

I am a licensed tour guide with over 20 years of experience living in this beautiful country. I am passionate about sharing the wonders of Israel with travelers from all over the world.

As your guide, I will create a custom itinerary based on your interests, needs, and schedule. Whether you want to explore the ancient ruins of Jerusalem, experience the vibrant arts scene of Tel Aviv, or hike through breathtaking natural landscapes, I will help you discover the hidden treasures of Israel.

As a Rabbi, I also have a unique perspective that allows me to reveal the deeper meaning and Biblical history of the land, making your trip not only enjoyable but also spiritually enriching.

I specialize in family visits, and I know how important it is to make sure everyone has a great time. I am patient, friendly, and always happy to answer any questions you may have. Let me help you turn your vacation into an unforgettable travel experience in Israel. Contact me today to start planning your adventure!

My initial interest in psychotherapy started early on in high school when I discovered the world of psychology. Fast-forward a few years and I was picking cognitive behavioral therapy as my major at university. I find that psychotherapy has such a profound and positive impact on the psyche of any individual.

In my work, I like to place emphasis on self-reliance and self-discovery, meaning that I prefer to take the role of a facilitator or a mentor, rather than being the one with the answers. My methodology follows the current research in the field overall, and I take care of keeping on top of all new developments in the field.


My methods

Behavior therapy

In behavior therapy, the main focus is on learning's role in developing both normal and abnormal behaviors.


In psychoanalysis, we focus on changing problematic behaviors by understanding the unconscious meanings and motivations behind them.

Cognitive therapy

In cognitive therapy, the focus is on what people think rather than what they do.

Humanistic therapy

In humanistic therapy, the main focus is on a person's capacity to make rational choices and develop.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the therapies, feel free to contact us.